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5 tips to help your partner take greater photos of you

We all know this situation. You are on vacation or attending a beautiful wedding with your loved one or friend. You've dressed up, the venue looks amazing, your mood is great and you want to capture this moment forever. You ask your friend or partner to take a photo, but you are not 100% happy. After several trials, your friend is annoyed and the magic is ruined. With this post I want to CHANGE that!!!

#1 SWITCH roles

The best advise is the following (I always use it): Take pictures of your partner until you get a great one, which you would like to have for yourself. Then ask him / her to switch the roles so that he / she can do the same for you.

#2 Avoid NOON SUN

SUN is not your friend :) Best time for great pictures is either after sunrise or before sunset. Also clouds are great for photos! However, if it has to be around a sunny noontime, note the following: always take pictures either in the shade or ensure that the sun is behind you (towards the evening it will make some nice golden light around your hair). Never take photos with the sun shining straight in your face, strong noon sun or electric lights above you (This will make ugly shadows under your nose and eyes).

#3 Matching COLORS

Try to reduce colors in the picture or select some harmonious colors like turquoise and orange, yellow and violet etc. Google complementary colors to know more. Just look at the screen of your phone and think one more second, can I change the picture composition to avoid disturbing objects / colors. Be a minimalist!

#4 Mind the GAP

If your friend is taking a pictures of several people, he / she should avoid gaps between them. Each of them should make a different pose so that the picture looks fun and exciting. Also, he /she should ask people to look at each other. It will make them smile more natural (then they should look in the camera again).


When your partner or friend takes a photo of you, don't stand still. Try to move, walk, close your eyes, spin, dance, jump. This will create a better mood and more natural pictures. Also you can take something in your hands (flowers, glass of wine) because we never know what to do with our hands :)

I hope my tips were helpful :) You can also find a professional photographer via google or insta using a hashtag of the city + "photographer" (e.g. "munichphotographer" or "photographermunich") and book a little photo session on location.

AND DON'T FORGET TO SAY THANKS TO YOUR PARTNER. Then they will be more confident next time, when you ask to take a picture of you.

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